We design, build and operate technologies that make hospitality businesses better.

We are a technology innovation company that delivers and operates software for leading hospitality groups and venues. More than any other industry, hospitality businesses understand that customer experience is their decisive competitive advantage. Our platform uses the latest technologies to implement and operate data-powered services that help our clients to maximise this competitive advantage.

The DataPOS digital hospitality technology platform is founded on patent-pending technology, data-driven intelligence and user-centred design – the very best of technical craftsmanship. The outcome is exceptional digital services for guests powered by robust enterprise-grade technology that was bred for half-time at the world’s busiest stadiums.

The DataPOS white-label mobile-commerce platform is robust enough to solve the problem of waiting and queuing for service even in dense environments such as stadiums. We take a client systems-integrated approach to deliver the smoothest user experiences. Our patent pending platform uses machine learning and mathematical queuing theory to give guests a live ETA that eliminates waiting and queuing in venues; with predictive intelligence so that tomorrow’s venue is running better than today.

Preparing out clients for the future of hospitality is something we do everyday at DataPOS.

For hospitality providers who see value in increasing sales, reducing costs and offering better guest experiences – DataPOS technology provides digital hospitality services that integrate with existing venue brands and systems to deliver data-driven guest experiences & management insights that haven’t otherwise been available to venue owners.

Powering the Future of Hospitality

The DataPOS digital hospitality platform takes a client-focussed approach to delivering the smoothest user experiences for guests everywhere. Our technology is robust and proven to solve the problem of waiting and queuing for service even in dense environments such as stadiums.

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