Brodburger is an iconic burger destination in our nation’s capital. Already a local favourite, these flame grilled reached viral status with Buzzfeed’s call to “Jam these giant, beautiful burgers into your face“.

A truly superlative flame-grilled burger takes time to prepare — that’s why Brodburger relies on DataPOS queueless mobile ordering technology. The DataPOS system ensures that Brodburger guests can order with ease and don’t need to wait wondering when their burger will be ready.

Since “going live” with the efficient & friendly DataPOS digital ordering service:

  • Hundreds of digital orders arrive each week at the flagship Brodburger store, growing every month.
  • Customer purchases preferences are recorded and are powering ever improving service.
  • A majority of take-out orders are now placed & paid for via the DataPOS digital ordering channel.

This queue-busting ordering service is backed by patent-pending technology the learns from the venue and even adjusts with the weather. Since this service is fully integrated with the restaurant point of sale, even guests who order over the phone will still receive an instant burger tracker delivered to their phone.

“DataPOS has gone above and beyond the highest level of customer service and delivery. We could not recommend them highly enough. The customer uptake has been incredible! We are already benefiting from the elimination of order-taking mistakes and faster service and our customers love the burger tracker so they don’t have to wait at the shop”

Joelle & Sascha Brodbeck